Q. What should I do after an emergency or disaster?

Q. What is Next?

Q. Must I use a certain General Contractor to repair my home or business?

Q. What is covered, what is not?

Q. Who Pays My Deductible?

Q. Adjuster Here, Adjuster There, Who is Who?

Q. What is Actual Cash Value (ACV) & Replacement Cost Value (RCV)?

Q. What is subrogation?

A. What is subrogation?

Subrogation is a third party action against the first party on the second party's behalf. For example, that washing machine hose that broke and damaged your house. Your insurance adjuster will take that hose and contact the manufacturer regarding the failure of their hose to hold water.... Sometimes the hose manufacturer gets to help pay for the repairs to your home. So, never dispose of anything before your adjuster says it is ok. Your insurance company handles all subrogation issues. We just wanted you to know why it is important not to throw anything away connected with your loss until your adjuster tells you to do so.