Q. What should I do after an emergency or disaster?

Q. What is Next?

Q. Must I use a certain General Contractor to repair my home or business?

Q. What is covered, what is not?

Q. Who Pays My Deductible?

Q. Adjuster Here, Adjuster There, Who is Who?

Q. What is Actual Cash Value (ACV) & Replacement Cost Value (RCV)?

Q. What is subrogation?

A. What is covered, what is not?

If you are not certain, contact your insurance agent or adjuster, they will know for sure. Here are some examples: Your commode breaks and floods your house. The resulting damage to your home and contents is usually covered, but the repair or replacement of the commode isn't, nor is it part of your deductible amount. Your washing machine hose bursts at 2:00 am. The resulting damage to your home is usually covered. The replacement of your washing machine hose isn't. Do not dispose of the offending item before you are told to - your adjuster may want to examine it. If there is a question about coverage, your insurance agent or adjuster is the only qualified person to answer those questions.