Q. What should I do after an emergency or disaster?

Q. What is Next?

Q. Must I use a certain General Contractor to repair my home or business?

Q. What is covered, what is not?

Q. Who Pays My Deductible?

Q. Adjuster Here, Adjuster There, Who is Who?

Q. What is Actual Cash Value (ACV) & Replacement Cost Value (RCV)?

Q. What is subrogation?

A. What is Next?

All insurance policies ask that the homeowner show due diligence in keeping the loss to a minimum. If you have water saturation in your home, stop the source of the water. Next, protect your furniture by putting aluminum foil under the legs and secure the fragile items and delicates out of and off of the furniture that is sitting on the wet carpet. If you move the furniture to another dry area, still place foil or natural wood under the legs to protect the dry surface from being stained by the furniture. Don't try to take the carpet up yourself, leave that to a trained professional. If you need further assistance, contact us by phone, we will dispatch one of our Cleaning and Restoration Associates. They have the necessary means to stop the water from causing additional harm. If you have had a fire, WE will board up the home, tarp the roof, and make it more secure while decisions are being made. The protection of your furniture when you have had a fire is also crucial. Again, a qualified cleaning and restoration company like one of our associates can render assistance for your emergency needs. Please call us for recommendations.