Q. What should I do after an emergency or disaster?

Q. What is Next?

Q. Must I use a certain General Contractor to repair my home or business?

Q. What is covered, what is not?

Q. Who Pays My Deductible?

Q. Adjuster Here, Adjuster There, Who is Who?

Q. What is Actual Cash Value (ACV) & Replacement Cost Value (RCV)?

Q. What is subrogation?

A. Adjuster Here, Adjuster There, Who is Who?

There are two different kinds of Insurance Adjusters. The first is the Company Adjuster that is the representative of your insurance company, employed directly by your insurance company. You can always rely on this kind of adjuster or this adjuster's supervisor. The second type is an Independent Adjuster. This adjuster is contracted by your insurance company to resolve the loss. The Independent Adjuster is there to make sure all goes well with your claim. He reports back to an adjuster at your insurance company.