Cost Planning
   One of the most appealing options to competitive bidding is “Cost Planning”. Cost Planning ensures that the owner has the luxury of one point responsibility. The Associated General Contractors (AGC) reports a growing recognition of the value of contractors, subcontractors, interior designers, architects, engineers and landscape architects working together. For the cost of the contractor’s participation, you get budgetary control, design development input and the experience of all disciplines working together to deliver the desired end user needs. The obvious benefit is that when contractors can move beyond competitive bidding they are allowed to focus on cost-effective design. The process is pretty much the same for both residential and commercial projects.

   You, the owner, work with designers (the contractor, interior designers, architects, engineers and landscape architects) to develop preliminary plans. As the contractor, Old South Traditions plays a large role in preliminary feasibility planning.

   When it is determined that the project is feasible Old South Traditions will involve all trades necessary to finalize the project scope, project plans, and a detailed project cost estimate.

   We will break down all costs line by line. No hidden fees or markups.

   The estimate is presented to you and all assumptions about the project are discussed. If the project is over budget, Old South Traditions will meet with you, as well as all tradesmen and designers, to discuss adjustments to the project. Because you have a line by line estimate, making adjustments to the project scope is simple and easy.

   After all adjustments are made to the project, the designers will produce project drawings incorporating all changes. Old South Traditions will complete a second estimate incorporating all adjustments to the project to ensure that the project is within your specified budget.

   Cost Planning is a bit more work on the front end, but the results are worth it! You can now be assured of the final price, the final product, and that all tradesmen and designers are on the same page. This means fewer changes to orders and a smoother running job.

   Contact us to discuss in full detail how our Cost Planning program works.